App with No Name for Twitter (iPhone and iPad)

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This app is a Twitter client for the iPhone that offers full support for both portrait and landscape modes.  The best of both worlds on the iPhone.
  • Multiple account support by way of columns.  Swipe to the left or right to change columns.
  • Color your tweets (each user you follow can have their own color, a real time saver)
  • Store tweets and avatars to the iPhone’s address book (Contacts)
  • New Twitter list support
  • Email tweets
  • View the public timeline
  • landscape keyboard
  • Drafts mode
  • Table inline picture preview (touch picture to enlarge)
  • Search and view top twitter trends.
  • Direct message your friends
  • Reply
  • Retweet
  • View tweets where you are mentioned.
  • View your favorites
More exiting features will be coming soon!
For any questions, feature suggestions or general inquires please e-mail
  • 7/5/2010 4:44 AM Unlock iPhone 4 wrote:
    Loved your website and had to let you know I subscribed it. Also is this wordpress? I really like the way its set up. Thanks and keep the updates coming!
  • 3/28/2011 2:28 AM daedalhead wrote:
  • >I was wondering: One of your main competitors has stated they do not plan to add Push Notifications to their app (which is also universal), despite the great demand for just such a feature. Can we count on you to be working to add push notifications to your app for us (your interested-to-adoring fans) as soon as humanly possible?
    >I am fully aware of my near-total ignorance as to how you make the magic happen (for all I know highly-trained cellular wasps-such as China Meiville envisioned-are involved, led by tinkerbell’s pragmatic left-brained geeky little sister &her special brand of sand-based pixie-dust).
    >Is there some special technical hurdle or litigational swampland that must be traversed for Push Notifications to reach the app(s) so many of us use across our various hours? Could you explain it to us on the App Store page for “Tweet” (& may I suggest you sing it out at the top of your lungs like a male songbird during mating season-who, as you are likely aware, is both trying his best to attract as _many_ of the healthiest, smartest, biggest & the best of the best females, while simultaneously announcing to every male within sight & sound that_He’s_the biggest badass of them all-not even_worth_the risk of a fight-so they better all just clear off now, ’cause there’s a new Sherrif in town-all__inches of him! This is_His_turf now &they can all just go F**k Off.) (GOD I hope that made you laugh!)
    >I give you these suggestions as an odd sort of veteran of the dot-com pre-burst bubble days. My friends ended up being almost entirely composed of hard-core geeks doing amazing stuff, most of which I never understood. To survive I’d often have to derail conversations so I could join them-interrupting mid-sentence w/some factoid about naked mole-rats for example (which I happened to work with for a time. Did you know they also twitter &chirp like birds?)
    >In return (especially the User Interface people, Tech. Writers, &most _anyone_ about to make a presentation, be it for venture capital or the other Project Leaders) all took advantage of my ignorance of their field, obvious ability to articulate myself, analytical skills, extensive stage training, &used me as a human guinea pig free of charge. Frankly, it was fun &the least I could do. I was-&still am-poor, &while they were living it up, they never failed to bring me along-knowing full well it’d always benon their dime.
    >There was continual suprise (&frustration) on both sides. They rarely seemed to understand how I could possibly_not_know what they meant when they had “already dumbed it down”, &I was amazed & somewhat horrified of their own ignorance of how small & precocious theirs really was.
    >I tell this to you now partly from some inner feeling that I need to prove my “street cred”. But mostly it’s because I think you’ve got a really great thing going on here & my gut says it’s for you. None of this has_EVER_been meant to patronize-only help.
    All the best,

    1. 3/29/2011 2:05 AM Rick wrote:
      Certainly push notifications is a feature that is on the list. However it is a very big job as it involves writing a server so yes there is a special technical hurdle. But will come up with a solution for you one way of the other!
      4/7/2011 3:15 AM daedalhead wrote: 

      1. Thank You for the response & explanation both!
        I admit I have not checked the APP store page for such, but the one you have posted here on the site (labeled same) is perfect. If you don’t already have it up in the APP store, I highly encourage you to go post it there NOW (quick! quick! -like a bunny!).
        Great Job!
        I Hope you find your cheaper/better alternative.
        Best of Luck!
      2. 3/30/2011 2:00 PM Brian wrote:
  • Hello Mr. Expert,When are going to write up a follow up article on this post… is it going to be anytime soon? 
    1. 3/30/2011 2:03 PM Rick wrote:
      Coming up… 


    2. 4/7/2011 5:52 AM sownforsref wrote:
  • I do not know how to rest, but I liked it.
  • 4/17/2011 8:06 PM Beremennie_wopf wrote:
  • Good post! thank you
  • 4/18/2011 8:27 AM krasnobykow wrote:
  • the author is absolutely right agree with every word
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Push Notifications

Dear users,

There have been some inquires about push notifications and what would be involved to add them to Tweet.  First let me state that I’m a one man operation.  In order to make the magic happen the developer (that’s me) need to write and set up their own server to communicate to Apple’s Push Notification Service.  To compound the problem further it’s also necessary for that server to maintain a constant connection to Twitter to determine when someone has a new mentions or direct message.  A big time consuming job that would be at the cost other features and improvements to Tweet.  As the number of users/accounts requiring push notifications increases so does cost.  They are simpler solutions involving third parties that I am looking into and will keep you guys posted!

Thanks for using Tweet!

Thanks for using Tweet!

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